Red Deer Studio & Class Details

Studio & Class Details - Red Deer

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A beautifully blue 800sqft studio boast 8 poles, and a warm friendly atmosphere.  Located on the North tip of Gaetz Ave, our studio is easily accessible to all of Red Deer as well as surrounding communities!

Our staff pride themselves in providing a place you can call your "pole" home!


Class Descriptions:

What makes our classes different from any other studio offering Alternative Fitness?

  • 8 poles in our 800 sqft studio!!
  • Each student receives their own pole, no sharing.
  • 55 Minute Classes are on the pole. Warm up and cool down are on the pole.
  • Fully Certified Studio and Certified Instructors with minimum 2 years experience and knowledge in the fitness and pole industry.




4 Week Intro 

basic beginner moves, transitions, swings, rises and floor moves combined to get your body to understand the pole.

Level 1 - 4 weeks

25 stage 2 beginner moves, transitions, swings, rises and floor moves combined to create a complete choreographed pole dance.

Level 2 - 4 weeks

25 stage 2 beginner moves, transitions, swings, rises and floor moves combined to create a complete choreographed pole dance.

Level 3 - 4 weeks

5 segments of 4 moves including swing combinations, handstands, intermediate swings, up pole poses and basic invert techniques with spotting.  Safety mats required and provided.

Level 4 - 4 weeks

6 up pole moves with multiple entries and exits with spotting, including transitional moves to create sequences.  Safety mats required and provided.

Level 5 - 4 weeks

6 Intermediate moves including intro to Advance Grips, Inverted poses, Inverted climbs, Pole laybacks and spotting.  Safety mats required and provided.

Level 6 - 4 weeks

Choreography Plus. Previous and new moves choreographed into a complete Intermediate Pole Dance.  Safety mats required and provided.

Advanced Level - 4 weeks

As bodies progress at different rates, the Advanced Level is a combination of moves from Levels 7-12.  Moves include aerial poses, aerial combinations, aerial sequences, choreography aid, homework assignments are provided.  Safety mats required and provided.

 Please see our Classes Calendar to register for classes


PoleJunkies Classes are available in 3 different formats:

Private Classes

1 hour classes with 2 designs.. 1) Level Format  2) Custom Design for Particulars.  Timeslots available daily for Private Studio Classes

FEE:  $100 per single 1 hour class (non level based)

        $299 + GST - 4 class package (level based)

Semi - Private Classes

1 hour classes with 2 people

FEE:  $75 per person per hour

        - contact us for 3 or 4 person rate

Call studio at 587-877-7653 for available dates and bookings for these classes

Group Classes –

Come to the studio to enjoy the community while you learn pole. 1 hour, once per week. Each student receives their OWN pole for class, no sharing.  We guarantee a full 1 hour on the pole.  Our friendly, certified instructors take you through 25-30 moves per level, ensuring your safety as well as your enjoyment!

FEE:          $89 + GST 4 week session

Specialty Classes and Workshops:


Pole Tramp… Our Kinda Cardio Class! 45 min continual bounce action!  All Fitness Levels Welcome!

Spin Pole... Not our typical Spin Class!  Learn how to safely and gracefully use the pole on spin mode.

Floor Grace… For the fun of floor!  Learn all the slinky movements, transitions and rises to make between the poles fun!

Chairlesque… Chair dance..with a little burlesque tease. Step outside the box, and get funky with a chair class!

Swing Combos… The challenge of putting them together!  Find new, creative ways to put a "spin" on your swings!

Pole Taster… Teasing you with 1 hour of pole fun, introducing you to a whole new world of fitness and fun!

Dirty Gurl… It's all about the sass and heels....Learn to move that body, with flow, grace and high heels!

Lap Dance… Classic Lap Dance moves put together to make the best time with your girlfriend...or your guy!! 

Transitions Clinic… All the pretty "between" things!  Learn the walk, slide, pass and steps that make the pole "dance".

Sunrise & Sunset Aerial Yoga Fitness... Relax, Breathe, Stretch safe with our AYF hammocks, in the morning or at night.

PoleBody Condition...Get the Body that the Pole Can Give You!!  Conditioning and Strength Training. All Level!


See Classes Calendar for Registration, Dates and Fees



Good for Classes, Product, Workshops....Perfect for Any reason!

  • Registration Required for All Classes
  • Payment due at time of Registration
  • Gift Certificates Available
  • No Refund After Registration
  • No Cancellations after Payment
  • No Exceptions


Payments Accepted:  Debit, Visa & MasterCard, E-Check, and E-Transfer via online payment.
Terms are No Cancellations, No Refunds after Registration.  Transfers accepted with approval.