Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs



What not to wear:
No oils or lotions on the skin prior to Pole Dance class. This will make you slip off the pole!
Think about your jewellery. Rings, watches, bracelets and earrings could get damaged or even damage you when you are on the pole!  Please be prepared and leave your valuables at home.


What should I wear to Class?
Priority is comfort.  Beginners classes wear something comfortable, like yoga pants or leggings, something that covers your knees, and a regular exercise top or t-shirt. Level 2 and up bare legs are necessary and shorts are required on the second class.


Are we allowed to bring heels?
For health and safety reasons, high heels are not permitted in our classes.  Only clean indoor shoes...or barefeet are allowed.


What kind of footwear do I need?
None! :) We teach class in bare feet, however we suggest bringing a pair of socks or foot undies, as they ease pivots and protect the ball of the foot from overuse.


Can I participate if I am Pregnant?
As this a fitness activity, and usually a new one, starting a exercise program while pregnant  is not recommended and will only be considered if the participant has a doctors’ note. Due to the nature of the activity, excess requirements are placed on the core and abdominal cavity.  For personal reasons, we do not wish to place a student, nor their unborn child in jeopardy.  For Liability reasons we do not allow pregnant participants.


What If I cannot attend my scheduled class?
We require 24 hours notice to be able to do a Make-up Class. 1 Make-up class is permitted for each full priced session, within each session.  Make-up Classes are not permitted on Discounted, Special Price or Free classes.  If you did not give 24hours notice and did not show up you will not be given this concession.


What is the difference between Intro and Level 1?
Intro is 4 weeks and is designed to introduce you to the pole in a safe, controlled manor, in order to gain your confidence to move on to higher levels. Intro focuses more on momentum creation and creating a comfort level to learn to fly!  Level 1 is longer by 2 weeks and you learn significantly more movements as an Intro, still of beginner level..but longer in length, focusing on postural alignments and safe fun flight!

It says Intro do I have to start there or can I go Into Level 1?
You can start in either class, both are beginner classes, one is a 4 week commitment, the Level 1 is a 6 week.  Each is a different group of movements and routine.

What if I am registered and due to Medical Reasons or Injury cannot attend or finish my classes?
We require a note from your physician and will make arrangements with you personally to transfer your registration or booking. However we do not give refunds without a medical note stating inability to participate in a PoleJunkies Class. 

All medical refunds are subject to a 50% administration fee.

In Alberta, commercial businesses are NOT required to provide refunds.  PoleJunkies does NOT offer refunds, exchanges, cancellations or returns.  Due to the limited spaces available in each class, All sales for classes and products are Final, and agreed to upon registration.


What are the age limits?
All of our classes are available to those age 16+.  Parental Consent forms are required prior to participation.  There is no maximum age limit, as we currently have many Grande Dames of Pole enrolled in our programs.  Those aged 65 and up are required to provide physician consent to participate, in order to enrol.


I am shy - should I take a class?
Absolutely! It is very helpful for students to learn in a class setting - watching other students can be incredibly helpful in improving your own technique. All classes, unless specifically stated co-ed, are for women only and we do not allow spectators in the studio during class time.. Remember, pole dancing for fitness is a great workout and is nothing to be embarrassed about!


Do I need to lose weight before class?
Students of every body type and fitness level are welcome to join our classes. The point of a fitness class is to GET in shape, not BE in shape. You dont go to the gym because you are already in you?


What is the difference between "Pole Fit" and your Level classes?
Pole Fit Series is designed specifically to build strength, using the well as additional conventional fitness equipment. If you want to specifically learn spins and tricks on the pole you should register for a Level class and increase your endurance in a fun and exciting way!


I have years of a dance/gymnastics/fitness background, can I begin at a higher more advanced level?
Unfortunately no, as not one of those backgrounds include pole.  The pole is a piece of fitness equipment, and therefore should be treated no different than any other designation.  A person from any other type of fitness will not be able to do gymnastics or dance better than the average person unless they have experience in the program.  The understanding of body positions and alignment require movements to be introduced in a general order, to ensure the body can physically progress without injury.  Levels may be condensed if a student shows signs of rapid progression.



Pole Dance is a physical fitness activity.  As with any physical activity, if you have any medical conditions, injuries or are worried about any aspect of your health that may prevent you from doing physical activity you must consult your doctor prior to attending any class.

Please advise your instructor of any health conditions at the start of the class.
All participants must sign a disclaimer to waive liability before starting a class or course.

All fees and sales are non refundable.  No Refunds.  Exchanges and transfers may be considered, dependant on circumstances, and are at Management's discretion.